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yeah i got a ticket ofr unsafe lane change(forgot to signal....dumb) and i got pulled over with my brother...and i got the ticket for the lane change and being uninsured...which i didnt think i needed until i probably had my license,,,but yeah..is my permit going to be suspended or am i going ot have tio pay a fine or soemthing...cuz they just gave me a court date..since im under age...but yeah i you could help...thanks.

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Depending on the state, you'll probably get points on your permit. If you get enough points your permit will be suspended. I'm surprised that the cop didn't cut you a break. Unless you cut someone off, it's not a real serious violation. Just be more careful. If they gave you a court date, make sure you show up early. I really think you'll end up with a warning since you're a new driver. Don't lose sleep over it.

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Depending on state, points & fine. get another & your license might be suspended until your legal age to drive & then some. "Uninsured", if your talking about the vehicle, god forbid you get into an accident & injured yourself or others or damaged property, what would be your financial recourse without it? answer, your parents; house, bank accounts, etc. Vehicle insurance is expensive until you need it.

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