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I saw the film 30 Days of Night and they all tried to stay alive until the first sunrise, because then the vampires would run off. but surely the first sunrise wouldn't last long? maybe a few minutes even, and the sun mustn't rise far. I would've thought the vampires would just have to hide in a basement then come back out.

But it was still an interesting idea and good creepy film.

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Alaska is HUGE...let's pick a point...like Barrow.

First sunrise of the YEAR is:

Jan 23rd at 1:01pm and the sun sets at 2:18pm.

The first sunrise for the SPRING is March 20th at:

7:24am & the sun sets at 7:47pm.

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Just a little under an hour. I read this in an article in a paper a couple of years ago. It rose at 1:11 pm and set at 2:09 that year.

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