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top ten military powers in the world and why thanks?

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1. usa- largest military budget, 2nd largest military, most advanced military technologies, most military bases around the world giving the best strategic positioning, many allies, very experienced military from ww1-afghanistan, patriotic. (nobody has a base in america)

-big gap-

2. russia- 5th largest military, largest nuclear arsenal, largest country, disciplined and experienced, very very patriotic.

3.uk- very large military budget, advanced technologies, many allies, strategic world positioning.

4. china- largest military in the world, rapidly growing economy and technologies, very patriotic.

5. germany- experienced professional military, best military weapons technology and industry.

6. japan- probably most advanced technologically, well trained, large economy, very patriotic.

7. israel- large military budget, very experienced military, advanced technologies.

8. india- 3rd largest military, large military budget, growing weapons production and technologies.

9. france- large military budget, professional military training.

10. south korea- large military, professional military training, strong allies.

edit: #ron paul 2012

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US, uk, China, Germany, France, Russia (In techniques) are the numerous leaders in military technologies. US possibly being the finest because of our military funds it being $512 Billion USD in 2008 with China the runner-up with $sixty 8 Billion USD

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America spends more on defense than the entire world combined. So, we're number 1 we're number 1!!!

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