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I like the calendar linked below a lot, but I need a little help with it. I'm pretty much a novice at javascript, so please don't assume I know anything.

What I want to do is add links to the newEvent arrays. When I try it gives me a jumbled mess.

The Calendar:


The specific section of the script

var eventsArray = new Array();

// format: dd,mm,yyyy,"event","frequency (Annual/Monthly/Weekly)" - Delete frequency for once-time occurrences

eventsArray[0] = new newEvent(25,2,2012,"UPTA Super Senior Sign Up Ends <a href=\"www.sctennis.com/leagues\">Sign up now</a>","Annual");

eventsArray[1] = new newEvent(16,7,2012,"JTT Championships www.sctennis.com/jtt","Annual");

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Search the Javascript source for "alert". There are two of them. They are coded within an anchor tag (<a>) Remove this anchor tag and the alert so the line should be something like

content += "<td" + occ + ">" + curDay + "<br />" + occContent + "</td>\n";

I have not tested it but it should work.

Have fun.

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The DOCTYPE assertion ought to in all risk be exterior of the html tags. The script tags are frequently meant to be between the top tags, and putting them someplace else is in all risk undesirable variety in maximum circumstances, yet while it works (confirm to objective it with diverse browsers!) then you definately're completely unfastened to do it. some pages case in point positioned the script tags down between the physique tags, i'm not sure if the function is any diverse, yet while it relatively is not needed, preserving them up in the top will make your code greater handy to understand, the two for you and persons.

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