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I have this problem and i cant seem to solve it:

|2x-2| = |3x-3|

i know youre supposed to take once positive and once negative but it ends up with x=1 all the time.

id appreciate any quick help since ive got a test on sunday :)


actually i found out that you have to take it once positive and once negative

once 3x-3 id negative and once 3x-3 is positive.

the answer comes out 1 but can differ in other absolute value equations

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just drop the absolute value bars, they're in place to confuse. then solve both sides of the equation.

2x-2 = 3x-3

get all the x's on one side and the non x's on the other side

2x-2+3 = 3x-3+3

2x+1 = 3x

2x-2x+1 = 3x-2x


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