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i heard it takes about 30 mins.

monday im getting a herbst appliance impression. then december 3rd, they're putting it on.

the card they gave me thay says my appointment says 90 mins.

my teeth are already straight but i still have my braces on. monday, they're doing impressions with the braces on.

and yesterday i went to the orho and they brought in those hardened impressions from when my teeth were messed up. and they asked "are you happy? your teeth are finally straight now."

so if the card says 90 mins and it takes 30 mins to put in the herbst appliance, does that mean they're gonna take my braces off first?

im f***ing ready to get these damn things off!!!!

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NO they dont take all braces off, just one or two at the back for the herbst, not the front ones

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