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I'm in high school, and i really wanna be a zoologist. the job sounds amazing and i've been looking into it for a while. anyways, one thing is that i'm terrible at math. i can do algebra, but this year i had to drop AP precalculus first semester and switch into an easy math course because i was absolutely just failing it. also, i'm currently in AP physics, and although i was good at biology, i'm getting really bad grades in that class even though i have a tutor for it. i'm just really bad at math, but i really want to become a zoologist. do you think i would be able to become one?

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It depends on what you mean by "suck at math". A zoology major, and majors related to it, will require one semester of college level physics. It will also require math up through calculus 2, plus statistics. And then the masters/PhD will also be pretty math-focused. So if you can get through the math with tutoring, then this could be a path you can try to pursue. If not, then maybe find something that suits you better.

With that said, what I'd very strongly suggest is that you go ahead and take the first math classes for the major in college. Get a tutor from week 1, and, knowing you're not amazing at math, work your butt off in these classes. If you pass them then great, continue on. If you really struggle, then find a different path. But don't give up based only on your experience in HS. Not if this is something you really want to do.

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Science majors typically need two semesters of college physics and two semesters of calculus.

Not everyone succeeds at everything the first time. You don't suck at pre-calc, you just failed to learn it. Try again. And again if necessary. Because it is necessary - pre-calc is pretty basic math for any science student. AP pre-calc isn't even a real thing. Nothing below calculus is considered college-level math.

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what does math have to do with animals?

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You will be doing a lot of math during your undergrad and graduate school work.

Your first two years of college will determine if you are going to be able to handle it or not.

You need to think of other options. Have other plans set up for a major, if this one isn’t going to work for you.

A suggestion would be take a lower level remedial math class at your community college before going off to college. You could take it over the summer after senior year.

Physics is hard when you don’t grasp calculus.

And this point you should be going on college visits. Get a meeting wiht the head of or teacher from the zoology department. Talk honestly about your concerns.

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Call several zoos and find out how important precalculus is important to become a zoologist

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