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I got a really cool telescope for christmas and whenever I look through it all I can see is a blur, nothing but tree branches that are really blurry. if it helps i have a astromaster 114 EQ telescope

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You need to align your finder,Do this in the day-Find an object 1/4 mi away or more(I use a tower)Use the eyepiece with the largest #mm on it put it in the eyepiece holder(20mm).Look into the eyepiece and Find your object(BE SURE YOU DO NOT AIM TOWARD THE SUN)focus on a part of your object.Now adjust your finder so you see that part of your object centered.Now without moving your scope switch to a smaller # eyepiece to increase magnification(10mm).Refocus and tune your finder in as you did before.

Clear Skies,


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Hi, Wayne,

It may be you are trying to look at things that are too close. Most telescopes will not Focus close.

There may be a problem with the eyepiece. Check it for wrapping paper or other things that might interfere. Check the rest of the scope too.

The distances between the mirrors and the eyepiece are very important. I can not imagine that there is an error here, but check how you assembled the scope. Did you read the instructions?

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If I remember correctly, most 114EQs are small Newtonian telescopes on an Equatorial mount. If this is correct, it is my opinion that your mirrors (primary and secondary) are out of alignment.

I doubt that it is a case of you focusing on something too close. To make sure that is the case, try focusing on something far away. If you still can't focus the image, then my assumption is correct.

Newtonian mirror alignment is a process known as collimation. It is a process that is extremely too lengthy to go into here, and not something that a "rookie" amateur astronomer should just jump into. Your best bet is to do a Google search on the word COLLIMATION. You may be able to find a step-by-step description on how to align the mirrors.

However, if after reading the entire process, you have no idea what they are talking about, then your next step should be to visit your local amateur astronomer club. They too, can be found by doing a Google search. Let them explain and assist with the collimation of your mirrors.

Pat Lanclos

Cibolo, TX

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Your telescope is advertised as dual purpose, for both astronomy and terrestrial observation. Therefor, it should be able to focus fairly close. If you need to focus on really close stuff, like the girl's bedroom next door, you could try pulling the eyepiece slightly out from its normal position. Loosen the screws that hole the eyepiece, slide the eyepiece out a fraction of an inch and retighten the screws. This may bring her **** into focus, but there will be some distortion because the lens and mirror are optimized for very distant viewing.

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How far away are the tree branches? Astronomical telescopes are designed solely to view extremely distant objects, and usually can't be focused at anything nearby. Try focusing on the Moon (visible around sunrise at present) or Jupiter (the bright object in the southwestern sky just after sunset). You should see Jupiter's disk with one cloud belt, and up to 4 tiny bright specks alongside, Jupiter's moons.

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Because there's not enough *space*!

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