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i cant throw the ball like i want to. i dont want it a bullet and i dont want it a lob, but right in the middle.if you have any tips on long balls, (posts, fades, please tell me)

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If you have a tall athletic reciever just do a streak. When i play with the browns i do the long ball all day to braylon edwards. i tap it and change to the reciever and go up and grab it.

as for other long plays, fades work great for tall recievers that can jump but dont really give you the yardage and is tough against a good conerback.

posts have bullet written all over it.

now this may fit under your category. running backs that run down the sideline. you dont want to bullet it because you wanna give it some time to open up and for the running back to break free from the cb. you dont want to lob it because rbs dont have the height to go up and get it. so middle is best for that situation.

and any ball that is medium to long to tight ends work well with the middle ball. the short ones should be bulleted. lobbing to tight ends is bad because they are slow and cbs can speed up and pick it off or bat it down and for the mediocre tight ends it is hard for them to catch the bullets but the middle ball floats right in their hands.

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Tosses seem the important to working the ball, toss the ball and run to the outdoors. you will get yards and it makes working up the middle much less complicated because of the fact the ai adapts to the way you play.

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