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The world will lose all respect for the USA if Biden is elected ?

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No way..............

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Yeah. Probably. Trump 2020. My first impulse is "So?" but then I remember that our leader has to DEAL with those countries. It's not just their OPINION that's in question. It's not just that they'll THINK poorly of the USA. It's that their opinion will cause them to be hostile to us which could cause ACTUAL negative consequences. 

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I actually hope Bidon gets elected because I feel Trump is just destroying our country, especially telling us not to fear the virus and saying we're bigger than it and going everywhere with no mask on and still infected yet and not caring that he's infecting other people and getting other people sick. 

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Too late the world lost any respect of the USA when you voted in Trump......... the world thought Americans were nuts and has been proved right

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That is not true. The world lost respect for us when Trump was elected.

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The world has lost respect for the US because of Trump. A US passport is about the most worthless now.   It used to be the most prized.

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Because of Trump, the world has already lost whatever respect it had for the U.S.  There isn't any left to lose.  From here, the only possibilities are gaining it back or staying where we are.

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Fear not, Biden will never be President.

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