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First off, i understand that the 3ds is only like a year old and already had a price cut and is a amazing handheld. The 3ds is amazing and i would like one but i just got the wii and i dont think i would be able to get a 3ds at $170. Should i wait, should i just be patient untill the 3ds is cheaper?

here are some reasons why i think i should wait

1. Hopefully there would be another price cut

2. wait untill really awesome games come out. (ex. super smash bros. and hopefully a mario title)

3. more colors- really want white (the green and blue ones look nice too)

4. Better performance- Maybe more system updates will make the system better

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If you want to wait, that's your choice, but Nintendo is probably not eager to drop the price again this year considering the system has gotten a nice boost in sales since the drop. The system is currently cheaper than the PS Vita which would be its biggest competitor, so Nintendo has no reason to drop the price again.

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