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i had to get up at about 2.30am to go to the toilet, though as soon as i sat up i had really bad pains in my stomach, it felt sharp and like cramping, it was really painful couldnt stop holding my stomach, though after about 2mins it had gone.

this morning ive had a nose bleed aswell which is the first time in my pregnancy having this so im wondering is it my stage right now and the cramping sharp pain and nose bleeds are normal?

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I am at 17 weeks today and I have had these cramps since 12 weeks due to the stretching of ligaments and the uterus, the doc told me it is completely normal as long as you arent bleeding along with the cramps. Not sure about the nosebleed part, havent experienced that. im sure its nothing serious. I know that your sinus cavities are irritated during pregnancy and that may be the cause of the bleeding. Always check at your next appt with your doc just to be on the safe side.

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Unfortunately, both are common and to be expected. I am 30 weeks and believe it or not, I still get the nosebleeds. The pain in your stomach is probably from your ever growing uterus. It could also be gas from food you are eating. If the pain persists or gets worse, I would let your doctor know so he can check you out and ease your worries. But other than that, pains are part of pregnancy. Just keep your head up and before you know it your little bundle of joy will be here and well worth all your pain you went through.

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it will be nicely worth putting out to medical institution. The midwife can examine to work out if you're dilated in any respect (some thing below 3cm and also you're not any more really in labour). do not panic nonetheless.... obviously there are "worse case eventualities" yet some women human beings may have labour pains for days and they nonetheless have a classic delivery afterwards. Contractions do not usually misery a toddler, it truly is often after your waters have damaged and your labour is "standard" that a toddler could agonize. good luck, and if you're ever uncertain, provide the medical institution a hoop/visit. The worst concern that'll ensue is they are going to examine you over and deliver you domicile.... a minimum of you heavily isn't stressful!

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sharp pain sounds like your ligaments were stretching.

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