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In the state of Pennsylvania, what can happen to an under age girl who sent out nude pictures off the internet and said they were hers to a boy? (NOT me, a friend)

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The person who would sue her or press charges against her would be the girl whose nude pictures the under age girl sent out. The girl in the photos is the one who might have a legal case for damages.

As for the under age girl who sent the pictures out, she should give up her phone and go back to playing with Barbie dolls if her judgement is so childish. Geez!! : o

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Your phone can get a sextinguly transmitted virus. if you're going to do it wear rubber gloves.

Oh, and you can be charged with transmitting porn to a minor which should buy you some juvi time and a little probation too. Not to mention the embarassment you'll face because of the charges.

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She could get in a lot of trouble with the law.

Besides, Why would she WANT a guy to see her nude, when the guy could be a pervert.

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It the guy she's texting is also underage, than it's ok.

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