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Ok I have recently found god and become a strong christian. I came home after tons and tons of drug issues from college. My parents are very supportive and my mom is a strong christian. Two centers have been trying to help us with the insurance companies. I want to go to a christian rehab center and the one that has a very very good ministry outreach program was denied because it was not on their list of recommended centers. My whole life I have had to deal with big corporations I am so sick of them and usually have luck when calling them. How should me and my parents handle this issue with the insurance? I mean it is complete bs that we pay them tons of money and when it comes time to actually do their jobs they are refusing to. Is their someone we can call to help us deal with them or something? I really feel that I am being lead to be at this facility does anyone have any suggestions at all. Please just be kind in responses no bs just logical solutions to this problem.

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It depends upon the type of plan you have. If you have the wrong plan you are out of luck.

If you have an HMO plan and the center is not in their network you cannot get them to pay. You can still go but you'll have to pay.

If you have a PPO or a POS plan you can go and they'll pay a smaller portion than if the center was in their network. You also may have a separate deductible.

If you have an indemnity plan you can go and they'll pay.

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Do you have any idea how much this center costs? I'd strongly suggest you're asking the insurance company to pay out more in a month, than your parents have paid in, in the past TEN YEARS.

The way you handle the issue, is to go to some 12 step programs FOR FREE, instead of insisting that someone else pay for someone else handling your problem. You take RESPONSIBILITY for it.

12 step programs are MORE EFFECTIVE than any center, Christian based or not. So, why do you want to use a less effective, more expensive (MUCH more expensive) program, while insisting that SOMEONE ELSE pays for it?

The person who can handle this, IS YOU. At some point, you have to man up and take responsibility for your choices and your options - which clearly you aren't doing now. You want the privleges, but not the RESPONSIBILITIES. Life doesn't work that way.

If you're being led to this facility, God will pave the way. If He doesn't pave the way, then you're not being led - it's your own desires we're talking about. Pretty simple.

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