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4. What were the preconditions, factors, new developments and key characteristics that were necessary for and constitute the foundation of the Industrial Revolution? Were the results of the industrial revolution all positive? Did the benefits of this revolution spread evenly and immediately? What views about how we describe history or its process emerge alongside this “revolution”.

I just wanted to ask what point I should hit on for this essay? The essay is based on the questions above.

Thank You.

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A big negative is an increase of environmental damage. The factories were powered by coal- the smoke from the factories turned pretty much everything black in the UK. Also durring this time there was a mass movement of people from the farms into the cities where they could make more money in the factories.

A positive is that it created a huge middle class. Before the IR there was the lower class which consisted of most people and then there was the few people who made up the wealthy upper class that pretty much controlled everything. As the poor people began to work in the factories, they made more money, which gave them more power. The new middle class began to demand rights, they wanted to vote (before only land owners could vote.) However this created a new problem- you can't have uneducated people voting, it can be dangerous. As a result mandatory education was introduced for everyone

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