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If an atoms have electrons that are in motion about an atom, why aren’t all materials magnetic?

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all that stuff averages out. no preferred direction there....

you need large "domains" in the material in order to have a macroscopic external magnetic field.

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All materials in principle are magnetic. Even your keyboard gives rise to a non zero magnetic field. Although, The affect that the magnetic field has is miniscule on the macroscopic scale

"Magnetic" materials (materials that are associated with being magnetic or can be attracted by a magnet) have an alignment (Or made to align) of microscopic magnetic fields. The microscopic fields are not all aligned in the same direction but are group in what are called magnetic domains. The net effect of the magnetic domains in some materials in an external magnetic field will cause it to be pulled towards the source of the external field. If it is not pulled then the net affect is too small. That does not say that there are no individual magnetic fields present.

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The net magnetic field created by ordinary materials is zero.

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