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Can my guinea pigs live in a shed without heating?

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Do you already have guinea pigs or are you thinking about getting some?

If you already have them, are you considering putting them outside because of the smell? If so, then might I suggest that you instead alter your cage set-up so that it is easier to clean and easier to keep smell-free.

Go to guineapigcages.com and take a look through their photo gallery. There you will see the many ways that people keep their piggies.

For an example, my cage pictured here cost about $45 to make/put together. I also bought fleece on sale for the lining and fleece "potty pads." I change out the potty pads every couple days and then wash the pads and the liner once per week. Other than that, it's just a matter of sweeping of the poos each day.

The cage is about 30" x 60" (2x4 grids).

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You technically can and they will probably survive for a few years depending on how harsh your winters are, but it's not a good environment for guinea pigs and if the choice is between keeping them in a shed and not owning any then the responsible and kindest option would be to not own any.

They likely won't live as long, are at risk of freezing to death or developing illnesses that will then go unnoticed by you until it's too late to save them. You won't spend as much time with them nor bond with them as much as if they were indoors and it's just generally not a great situation for anything involved.

It also depends on when you get them. If they're animals that have lived indoors and you throw them out in December they will likely seriously suffer and could even die. It's only doable if they've been outside since spring to get used to the weather.

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It's going to be a very cold winter so no GP's can't live in a shed with out heat. Make sure the shed has heating and no smells that can get them sick. Why can't your pigs stay in your home? If you can find it in your heart let your pigs live inside your home. Out doors even in a shed will bring cats and even other wild animals to prey on the poor GP's so try to have a spot in your home it would be more safe to be indoors then to be in a shed.

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Are you crazy! Why would you even have them if you're gong to keep them locked up in some shed. Guinea pigs that you get from a store or breeder are domestic animals not acclimated to living outdoors. They are considered a pet which means they should be in a loving home with someone to care for them and show them love and affection, NOT stick them in some shed.

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I would not do that. I had a guinea pig and he made such a mess in the house my mom moved him out the the heated barn....and he still died. It was heart breaking. Guinea pigs are warm blooded so they need the heat to survive.

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That's absolutely crazy. Unless you want dead guinea pigs, I wouldn't suggest doing that. I think it would be best for you to rehome the guinea pigs that you have if that is your only option. They would be freezing and they would not get the attention that they need. That's no life for an animal.

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Pretty sure that is not only animal cruelty but also very illegal. If you can't properly keep a pet then you should not have one.

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