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So here is the situation.,, me and this girl have been together for a little over a year, throughout the past months i admit that i have treated her not exactly like i should have, i would get angry when she would go out with her girl friends, i wasnt as outgoing as i used to be, etc. Since losing her however I have realized all of the things I have done wrong and Ive realized exactly what this girl meant to me. The problem is that even though ive told her i have changed and told her many times if i had another chance she would be happy, she still says she is done and that I have no more chances. Is there any way I can get this girl back?


We broke up because of the way i had been acting towards her, the reason i was getting mad was because im the type of person that worries too much, i always worried she was with another guy when she was just out with some friends or family, i see now that i could trust her very much though and had no reason to worry but now im afraid it may be too late.

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if she has set in head that she is done with you then there is probably no chance that you will get back together... but she might have a reason why... my question is why did you break up? and was there a reason u would get mad when she went out...

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This girl has made up her mind and you need to accept her decision.

What is now more important is..you must learn from this mistake and never treat another girl like this because you will drive her away, if you don't learn from this big mistake then you are going to be very unhappy in any relationship you go into. Move on and let this girl get on with her own life...you will find someone again and you will even enjoy the relationship even more because you will be much more mature .

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They always say, you don't know what you have until it's lost. I'm afraid that you cannot do anything. I know that it sounds pretty harsh, but more than likely there isn't any way you can. A smart wise girl, usually doesn't take one back. From your question I can tell that she is very wise. She doesn't want to open that wound again. She doesn't want to be taken advantage of, she doesn't want to be a doormat.

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there isn't anything you can do or say to convince her. she says it is done, then it is done.

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