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I got my nose broken about 15 hours ago. I was seen by the E.R doctor, he made a cat scan and said: plastic surgens most likely put it back in its place without surgery just with painkillers.

Now 2 main questions I have.

1: He said come back monday morning because plastic surgens work from monday. Now that means two days are gona pass, how are they gona put it back in its place without surgery wont the bones heal some what? Plus he said im gona be able to walk out the hospital right after they do it? Is he bluffing, calming me down?

Question 2: I dont have insurance, is it likely that they will tell me: I have to pay up front before the surgery? or can they bill me later? The reason im asking this is in common sence plastic surgery isnt life threatening it corrects your looks. and there for they might not risk without taking a payment first?

Or im just worried to much?


Thanks again,


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1. You need to wait a few days for the swelling to go down but you do not want to wait much longer than about a week since the bone will start to heal and then potentially require a more involved procedure. Your nose may have to be set if it appears crooked after the swelling goes down and sometimes they can just push on it in the office after pain meds have been given. I have not heard of plastic surgeons commonly doing reductions of nasal fractures. I would go to an ENT physician if available.

2. The ED should have referred you to a specific physician for follow-up if they had someone was "on-call" that day. The ED you went to may not of had an ENT doctor on call or plastic surgery may of been covering for ENT. You still may be required to pay some up front costs but they should see you and arrange payment later. If you randomly call a physician for follow-up they have no obligation to see you and can require payment up front before seeing you.

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I have broken my nose many times, and it is less than perfect. But here is a trick that makes a big difference and requires no surgery. Get some eye shadow, a darkish brown color and a white color. use the white to highlight the parts of your nose that you want people to see, and use the dark to shade the parts that you want to hide. Dab the dark color on any bumps or ridges that you want to look smaller. Then blend the edges of the colors so that you don't look like you have dirt on your face. I do this when i am having my picture taken, and it really does make a HUGE difference.

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