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what types of sites do you check before you post questions/answers

because it would make you look pretty stupid and unknowledgable if you posted stuff here that could be easily debunked

maybe you make references to stuff that didn't happen or provide false stats/data

maybe you pretend to be a knowledgable hockey fan, and yet you don't know the differene between the Winter Classic, Heritage Classic or the Stadium Series

What's your go to site for Hockey

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Initially I'll go to hockeydb.com if I am searching stats on players. For old stars I'll look on legends of hockey. Hockey-reference.com sometimes has what I need.

CapGeek gives some info and nhlnumbers.com supplies team stuff. NHL.com also can lead me to stats on current players and if all else fails I can go to a particular teams web site. These sites are all on my computer list of favourite sites. Sometimes if all else fails I'll google and try those links.

That and being older than s**t with a photographic memory means I rarely make mistakes on facts. Sometimes on judgement but rarely on facts.

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Cap geek


Hockey db

Hockey reference


Are the 6 common ones I use

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I get my resources from HNIC's Don Cherry and the other Leaf fan, you know who I'm referring to.

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Here, but assholes like you are here to shoot me down. ;)

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