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All of his answers arent very good and most of them are just picked from votes. Its not fair to people who really answer. plus he hasnt been on in forever. So why is he the top of the game?

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If you mean the 'Top Answerer', that list has not been updated in 4 months or more, so the information is outdated. Once the list is updated, that person may not be there any more.

However, if they still have the MOST Best Answers, they will still top the list. Whether they get those Best Answers due to voting or to being chosen by the asker does not matter. Only the actual number of Best Answers is counted.

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I asked this question once before, well...how do people get the "top contributor" badge. Basically it's a random thing. There is no set criteria for determining who gets the badge. I had it for a couple of weeks and now I don't. Weird.

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