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do u know something about these,tell me,any information

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You don't get anything for nothing, it's a scam do not answer do not give personal information.The following sites give more information.





.Also If you go to the following link you will get some info on ID theft www.identity-theft.org.uk the iinternet is safe enough if you are careful but please answer nothing that you are doubtful about.Good Luck and be careful.

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You got so many answers you won't read them all, but here's mine, anyhow. There is no such thing as the Yahoo lottery. Yahoo does not conduct lotteries or give away money. That said, what you did was open spam email.


According to the anti-spam experts, we are seeing far more spam mails now than ever before. And the spammers are becoming more clever about getting past the spam filters. That's why more spam is making it to the Inbox instead of going straight to the Bulk/Spam folder, and why some of your good mails are ending up in the Bulk/Spam folder. There are a few basic things we can all do to keep spam to a minimum...

1. Spam mails that go straight to the Bulk/Spam folder should be left there, unopened. You can empty that folder any time you want, but never NEVER open spam mails. DON'T try to unsubscribe from anything and DON'T click any links in those mails.

2. Spam mails that land in your Inbox should be marked as Spam so that they are moved to the Bulk/Spam folder and their addresses placed on the Blocked list. (Blocking an address prevents mails from being received from that address in the future.)

3. Any email that you are the least bit suspicious about should be deleted immediately. Don't let curiosity get the better of you. Simply opening a spam email out of curiosity could alert the spammers that you have an active email address (they probably didn't know it before), to which they will undoubtedly send TONS of spam mail in the future. Open emails ONLY from those you know and trust.

Lots of spammers have automated scripts that send emails out using a "dictionary attack". This means their script just sends out tons of emails to various combinations of numbers and letters at different domains. Kind of like if you just started calling phone numbers starting with 100-100-0000 then 100-100-0001, etc. They don't know what is a valid email address and what is not. When you reply to one (try to unsubscribe, or replying back telling them how you hate them), you are now confirming your email address is a real, live email address. They have special lists of those, because they know they're guaranteed real. They then sell those lists to other spammers at a premium. Then you get more spam!

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They are cons. I have received the same ones and I spam them. I really hate the ones that say they have cancer, because I do have cancer and I think it sux that they try to make money off of a disease they don't have. I think Yahoo and everybody else should bar them from the internet. There are not many things that I hate about the internet, but that is one of them.Instead of spamming them, they should have a lockout device where when those people send those messages they can never get back on the internet. They want your personal and private information and use it as their own.

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It's a scam, period .You didn’t enter a lottery, and YAHOO isn’t running a lottery. All you are going to win is an empty bank account and more trouble than you ever dreamed of. Possibly a “courier” bill for a few thousand to “deliver” a “prize” you’ll never see.g. If you want to bother, forward the fraudulent email to [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected]

FBI: http://www.fbi.gov/

FTC: http://www.ftc.gov/

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Your email is a SCAM. It cannot be true because I already won that prize. And it only cost me $5,000 in fees. But my million dollar check is due any day.

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Scam. I got one in my junk mail yesterday saying it was a yahoo lottery I won, same thing, never played. There's a reason it went into my junk folder.

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Don't fall for them! Ont time, my sister won a trip to Hawaii and we DID NOT fall for it cause they are spam! A lot of times when you are on websites it will say something like You are the 99,999,999 viewer of this website! Click here to claim your prize! Not cool.........


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Use your noggin. You didn't play the lotto, so... umm... you couldn't have won. The email is clearly a scam.

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If you didn't play, you didn't win. It's a scam, and you'll get more emails like that. Just delete it.

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It's a scam

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