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I have been researching the ingredients of the now well known "KGB pill" or RU21 as its called in the states. I couldn't find some ingredients though and can't find a actual store that sells the RU21 tablets other than online. any drinkers out there know where I'm likely to find these? or if I can find a health store or something that sells a useful form of succinic and fumaric acid that would be super as I can't find them despite being common.


have not yet found them at a health food store or liquor store.

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RU21? Hangover pills, right? Can't you just get them at 7-11? I see them there all the time. They just come in different brands.

Do you not have a credit card / debit card to order them online? I tried doing a search but I got nothing. I'll keep looking, but I'm pretty sure most 7-11's sell similar supplements. Or just go to Vitamin World or GNC, they always have all kinds of supplements.

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